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About Us

Welcome to Pet Signature Ltd,

The number one source for all things handmade and pet related.

We’re dedicated to giving you the highest quality products with a focus on great customer service and prices.

Founded in 2021, Pet Signature Ltd has come a long way from its beginnings.  We started a business as Severn Funeral, creating handmade, high-quality pet urns.  We still specialise in this area but are now expanding into the digital marketplace sector and inviting other pet product artisans to share in our success by offering their own products to a wider audience within this website.    

Although is in its infancy, we have years of experience in the pet product industry.  Our plan is to enrol like-minded artisans to display their products on this creative site.

We now serve customers all over the UK and ship our products to Europe and to the US and are thrilled that we’re able to turn our passion into this website and offer our services to others who are as keen as we are to offer high-quality handmade pet products.

We hope you enjoy our website and the products we offer.  Please be sure to check back often as we expand our product range and sellers.

To your success,


The Pet Signature team

Hungry Dog
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